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A dental emergency can occur at any time, which is why it’s important to have a trusted dentist on call to treat your concerns. At the San Antonio dental practice of David De La Garza, DDS, we provide emergency dental services to patients in San Antonio. 

If you are experiencing a dental emergency and are a patient of record. Call the practice of David De La Garza, DDS at 210-610-5180.


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Types of Dental Emergencies

There are a number of methods to treat emergency concerns at home as you wait for your emergency appointment. However, it’s important to understand what constitutes a dental emergency and whether you need to seek treatment quickly. Our dentist in San Antonio is dedicated to maintaining the oral health of his patients, and depending on your dental emergency, will work with specialists in the area to ensure you receive the necessary care you deserve. 

Common dental emergencies are:

Avulsions - Also known as knocked out teeth, this can occur if a patient isn’t wearing the protective mouthpiece while playing sports, or just on accident. If the tooth that has been knocked out is whole and no pieces are remaining in the tooth or have chipped off, it may be possible to place it back into the socket. Place the tooth in a container or milk or salted water to keep it healthy and clean while you wait to see the dentist.

Cracked and Damaged Teeth - Whether this is due to you biting on something hard, or using your teeth to open something, a cracked tooth allows bacteria to access the inner, vulnerable dental pulp that keeps the tooth alive. A digital x-ray is necessary to determine the extent of the damages of a cracked tooth and may need to be extracted. Our San Antonio emergency dentist can extract the tooth and offer options of replacement such as dental implants.

Damaged Restorations - Broken or chipped restorations such as crowns and bridges or dentures can cause mild discomfort and difficulty eating. During your emergency appointment, we will assess the damage to ensure no internal structure of your tooth is affected as well. We then provide temporary restorations to protect your teeth until your final restorations are created. 

Abscesses - A painful infection of the tooth the tooth root, an abscess is a sure sign of dental decay and necessary endodontic treatment. At your San Antonio emergency dental appointment, we will drain the infection if it is not too severe. However, with extensive decay, we can prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection, as well as pain relief medications, for a period of time to allow the infection to subside. We then invite patients back for a follow-up appointment for further treatments to save the health of the tooth.

Dental Trauma - Categorized by dental pain, our team will try to help as best as possible. We do the most to treat you for your pain and may prescribe pain relief medication.  If extensive treatment may be needed, we can schedule you a follow-up with at trusted oral surgeon or other specialist’s best suited for your dental concerns. 

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A dental emergency can be concerning, but our San Antonio dentists and staff are here to treat your issues and restore your comfort. If you are experiencing a dental emergency and are a patient of record, please call us at 210-610-5180 to speak to Dr. De La Garza for advice on how to treat for your discomfort while we schedule an appointment. 


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