There are a variety of methods to achieve a brighter smile. However, professional in-office whitening stands out above the rest. Stains that have developed over time may require more than just over-the-counter products to lift them. Consider the following benefits when choosing the best treatment method for your cosmetic dental concerns.

One Time Visit

Professional whitening systems such as Zoom!® can brighten smiles by one to two shades almost instantly, depending on the intensity of staining. Whether you have an upcoming wedding, an important job interview, or other major event, professional in-office whitening is both convenient and provides reliable results. In many of these cases, attaining the dental appearance you’re looking for can take as little as one in-office visit. Following up regularly with your dentist and maintaining good at-home care is essential to sustain the outcome from treatment.

Tailored Treatment

Zoom! Teeth Whitening consists of both in-office chairside whitening as well as custom fit trays. Dentists utilize this flexible treatment method to ensure patients smiles stay beautiful. Professional whitening is tailored to the level of staining on the smile. Deep yellow stains due to dark foods and drinks can be expertly lifted with dentist-provided whitening. If you want a continuous boost to your smile, custom trays and gel are available for bleaching at-home. Over-the-counter trays may not fit properly, spilling whitening agents onto your gums, causing sensitivity. By contrast, custom trays and in-office whitening apply treatment directly to the surface of your teeth.

Creating a Uniform Smile before Full Smile Reconstruction

Patients looking for full enhancement of their smile should consider the impact of treating just a single tooth. Without being planned in conjunction with other options, whitening can create an asymmetrical appearance. By discussing with your San Antonio dentist the procedures recommended to achieve a new aesthetic, minimal treatments like teeth whitening can provide a foundation for your custom treatment plan.

Dr. David De La Garza gives his patients the options for care, taking into account options such as whitening before extensive cosmetic work to better shade match restorations and to ensure no additional treatments may be needed to achieve the desired aesthetic. Our practice provides cosmetic dental treatment with Zoom! Teeth whitening in San Antonio, TX. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule a consultation!

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