“Jack of all trades, master of none.” For some patients, this phrase is all too applicable to their dentist’s approach to care. While immediate problems can be effectively resolved this way, long-term improvement to oral health and appearance is limited. In response to these limitations, many general dentists and specialists work together to form comprehensive treatment plans that result in improved quality of care.

With collaboration, patients have urgent and straightforward concerns managed quickly and are directed to a professional with expertise in performing specialized procedures. Full-mouth rehabilitation and smile makeovers, in particular, are more effective when a whole dental team is involved. Consider the following benefits added by professional cooperation, if you are concerned that a one-stop shop take on dentistry is leaving your needs unmet.

Early Diagnosis and Expedient Treatment

Since general dentists examine your teeth and gums more frequently, they are well suited to coordinate your care. At regular visits, they identify issues and recommend preventive treatment to halt oral health concerns before they develop. One such example is the cleaning and continuous periodontal charting you receive at your dentist’s office. With this, your existing gum health is maintained and early stages of disease are addressed promptly. Should more advanced problems be revealed, collaborating with a periodontist allows your dentist to make sure you receive proper treatment.

Thoroughly Addressed Oral Health Needs

Though your general dentist may not be a specialist, chances are they have undergone continued education to provide many restorative and cosmetic services at their office. With this also comes the experience to know when a specialized professional has the equipment and proficiency to handle complex situations. Your dentist also has a strong working relationship with these specialists which ensures your care is managed by a team dedicated to upholding a consistent standard of excellence.

For instance, while your dentist can detect an impacted wisdom tooth, oral surgeons routinely perform removal procedures. They are also more likely to have IV sedation available due to the nature of their specialty. Evaluating your bite is another part of routine assessments and mild-to-moderate cases of misalignment are typically taken care of without the need for referral. When helping you gain straighter teeth involves complicated dental movement and treatment beyond conventional braces or clear aligners, your dentist will recommend a trusted orthodontist to provide care for your smile.

Attractive Results from Restorative Care

As replacements for absent or damaged teeth, the restorations you receive should be as custom as possible. This is accomplished more frequently when your dentist has a strong professional relationship with the dental laboratory they use. In this scenario, the technician in charge of fabricating your new teeth gains details about your unique situation directly from your dentist. Sometimes, this involves having the tech discuss your goals with you in person, answer questions about the process, and decide on a color for your restoration that fits your smile best. Just like with any other specialized option, your dentist works with a lab that has access to the latest technology and consistently produces aesthetically pleasing results.

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