Although you may be diligent in keeping the minimum two appointments every year with your dentists, these visits are less beneficial if you are not caring for your smile at home. At the practice of David De La Garza, D.D.S., we recommend making a few additions to your daily oral care to keep your smile healthy between appointments.

Choosing the Right Toothbrush

It may be common knowledge to brush teeth twice a day, but you can increase the efficiency by choosing the right toothbrush, and by doing so correctly. There are many toothbrushes on the market, and each may have their own descriptions: hard, soft, medium, but the best hygiene tool is one that has soft bristles.

An electric toothbrush may also be an alternative. With an oscillating, rotating, and pulsating brush head, this option makes getting rid of plaque and debris easier. The smaller size makes it perfect for hard-to-reach areas, ensuring every surface of your teeth is thoroughly cleaned.


All dentist recommend flossing at least once a day and is essential to the health of gums. Since many patients find this task to be tedious and uncomfortable, there are many tools on the market that make it easier. As an example, floss picks are dual-sided hygiene tools with a length of floss on one end and a toothpick on the other. These come in large count packs that you can bring wherever you go.

To make flossing easier, consider changing your technique. Instead of wrapping the loose ends around your pointer fingers, opt for your middle fingers. This will give you more flexibility to maneuver the floss between each of your teeth.

Adding Mouthwash

If you’re self-conscious about the strength of your enamel or the smell of your breath, adding fluoride mouthwash to your routine can address these issues. An easy way to cleanse the whole mouth of debris, mouthwash also leaves you with fresh breath. When done before and after brushing, the liquid adds the strengthening properties of fluoride to your teeth and prevents plaque buildup.

Brushing teeth daily, easily flossing teeth with dental picks, and adding mouthwash before and after brushing and flossing can make for a healthier smile. For more information on how to ensure optimal oral health between appointments, contact the San Antonio practice of Dr. David De La Garza, today!

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